Here you can find accessoiries

Bio-ethanol fires

Here you can find Bio-ethanol Fires. You don't need a chimney for this, there are no installation costs and there is no damage to the environment or your health.

Wood pellet stoves

A pellet stove is a stove that burns compressed wood or biomass pellets to create a source of heat for residential places. By slowly feeding fuel from a storage container (hopper) into a burn-pot area, they create a constant flame that requires little to no physical adjustments.

Solid & Multi fuel fires

Wood is back! Built in appliance, see through appliance or stove, Enjoy a real fire with a real heat output! Wood, the fuel resource since ancient times, still creates an unequalled play of the flames and a comfortable heat in our modern times.

Gas fires

Press the button and enjoy your fire! Experience today's comfort with a timeless warmth and ambiance.

Electric fires

No chimney ? No problem ! Get delighted by a beautiful fire display with all today's comfort.

Garden stoves

Beside a stove or hearth, there is more. Find your garden stove here.